Elizabeth Taylor's Wedding Dress
Elizabeth Taylor's Wedding Dress


Currently a free-lance appraiser, working for a variety of clients both institutional and private.  I give lectures and advice.


Here is a summary of my 30 years (1985-2015) at Christie's, starting as an administrator and leaving in 2015 as Director of Fashion & Textiles included these highlights:


Sales :

  • The Richmond Collection of Important English Needlework
  • The Bernheimer Collection of Historic Carpets & Textiles
  • The Mayorcas Collection of Historic Tapestries & Textiles
  • The Rudolf Nureyev Collection
  • Vintage Couture sales
  • The Marylin Munroe Collection
  • The Isabella Blow Collection
  • The Daphne Guinness Collection
  • The Suzy Menkes Collection
  • The Elizabeth Taylor Collection
  • The Margaret Thatcher Wardrobe
  • The Audrey Hepburn Collection
  • Catherine Deneuve YSL Collection 
  • Oliver Hoare Collection 


Statistics at Christie's: 

  • First stand-alone sale devoted to Chinese textiles
  • First Islamic and Indian textiles sales
  • First Street Fashion sale
  • First sale in Paris
  • First sale of luxury handbags
  • An unparalleled roster of Iconic Wardrobe sales (see above)


Please call me on +44 7770 963625 or use the contact form.

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